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Lightning Strike Protection for Wind Turbines

Lightning damages impact operation cost of wind farm - Lightning Strike Protection on wind

Economical impact of lightning strikes on wind turbines

  • Unexpected downtime -  severe damages

  • 1.000's up to many 100.000's of euros repair costs

  • > 20% of insurance payments are related to lightning

Are you struggling to better protect your wind turbines against lightning strikes?

Delamination after lightning strike - wind turbine stoped after lighning - LSP - prevent l

Are older wind turbines more vulnerable?

  • Wear, aging, and dirt build-up make the wind turbine more susceptible to lightning strikes

  • IEC 61400-24 specification has evolved thanks to progressive insight into lightning risks and countermeasure solutions

  • Older wind turbines may not meet the latest standards

Are there retrofit or upgrade options available to better protect wind turbines?

The ideal lightning protection is

  • Efficient

  • Aerodynamic

  • Durable

  • Inexpensive

  • Easy to install

Wind turbine in harsh environment - durable segmented diverter - StrikeTape - Compolam.jpg

We Make Protecting Your Wind Turbines Easy

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