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Lightning strike protection for composite structures

Militair vliegtuig

Three common problems using AFP (Automated Fiber Placement) process 

Expanded metal foil narrowing under tension - LSP - dexmet - aeromesh - copper mesh.png

1. Tape deformation and tape breaks

makes it hard to control the gap between the tapes


2. Voids in reinforced composite structure

raise concerns about material integrity

​3. Trade-off between weight and conductivity

Better conductivity = thicker copper = more weight (copper or resin)

Sample 2A pic 1.jpg

CompoSTRIKE saves you time and headaches

Key characteristics

  • High tensile strength

  • Dimensional stable

  • No voiding

  • Controlled resin flow

  • Laser heating compatible

  • Resists multiple heat cycles

  • Preconsolidated LSP tapes

  • Various thermoplastic options


We make it easy to automate your production process and to protect your structure against lightning

CompoStrike_3 tape versions.jpg

Contact Compolam for a Technical Discussion

Let us know your requirements to match the right laminate that fits your needs

CompoStrike_quarter inch lightning strik

Test and Evaluate Our

Laminate Materials

We can produce CompoStrike materials in sheets, rolls and tapes in various widths



We Offer Application Engineering Support

Experts in PEEK (Poly-ether-ether-ketone) laminate manufacturing and processing

We are the experts in high-performance thermoplastic laminates. 
Let us help you to complete your project

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