CompoSTRIKE Lightning Protection

for Airframe Structures

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Three Common Problems

of Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) and Automated Tape Laying (ATL) 

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Porosity or

Trapped Air  


During AFP or ATP process, a typical quality issue occuring is porosity or trapped air pockets.  This affects the integrity of the construction

We have experience making robust tapes that enhance your quality

Tape Deforming During Placement

In the AFP or ATP process, a lot of pull force is applied to the tapes.  This causes deforming (narrowing and stretching) of traditional materials and makes it hard to control the tape postioning 

We have experience making robust tapes that give you a wide process window

Weight vs. Conductivity

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Some engineers prefer plain metal foil to improve conductivity hence reducing lightning strike damage, other engineers prefer an expanded metal foil or mesh to save weight 

We have experience making robust tapes containing plain metal foil or mesh layers 

CompoSTRIKE Saves You Time and Headaches

Some Key Features:


Robust Laminate

High Tensile Strength

High-Performance Thermoplastic

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Controlled Resin Flow

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High Chemical Resistance


High Temperature Capability

We Make It Easy to Protect Your Structure Against Lightning Strikes

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Laminate Materials

We can produce CompoStrike materials in sheets, rolls and tapes in various widths


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