Compolam XRL 2000 Laminates 

Durable Laminates that Perform Reliably in Harsh Environments

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Traditional Laminate Materials Break Down or Delaminate When Exposed to Harsh Working Environments

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Traditional dielectric materials are typically designed to withstand 150 - 175°C for continuous operation and

2-4°C/minute temperature gradient

What if your application requires operating at >200°C or is exposed to severe thermal shocks?

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The properties of traditional dielectric materials and plastics can be affected by humidity, or when exposed to solvents, to acids or bases, to caustic or electrolytic fluids

What if your application requires chemical resistance?



Gamma radiation causes heavy oxidation of traditional dielectric materials and plastics.  Their properties deteriorate rapidly.  Traditional materials may cause optical artifacts in X-ray applications

What if exposure to radiation is inherent to your application?

 For The Most Challenging and Hostile Conditions

XRL 2000 Laminates Are Your Choice

Some Key Features:


Ultra Low Moisture Absorption




High Dielectric

Break-down resistance

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High Temperature Capability

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(Flame Retardant)

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Great Radiation Resistance

Our Expertise and Manufacturing Capabilities Allow Us to Make The Laminate That Fits Your Application

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Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to supply small - medium - large volumes in sheets or in roll form

We Offer Application Engineering Support

Are you confused about what materials to use or how to process them? We'll help you with excellent technical support 

We Are the Expert in Highly Durable Thermoplastic Laminates.

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What thermoplastics are available?

Compolam XRL 2000 laminates are based on PEEK (Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone). This is a high-performance thermoplastic with excellent high temperature, chemical resistance and radiation resistance capabilities. Other high-performance thermoplastics are currently under evaluation and supplied for customer-specific projects. If you have any specific requests, please contact us.

What metals claddings are available?

Compolam XRL 2000 Laminates are typically cladded with ED copper. Other metal claddings are available on demand: - Stainless Steel - Nickel - Inconel - Titanium - etc. Please, tell us what you are looking for

Are the thermoplastic laminates reinforced?

We offer both thermoplastic laminates: - XRL 2000: without glass reinforcement - XRL 2100: with glass reinforcement

What temperatures can XRL 2000 Laminates handle?

Compolam XRL 2000 Laminates are based on PEEK (Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone). - The melting point of PEEK is 343°C (650°F) - We have great experience with continuous operating temperatures for more than 3000 hours at 260°C (500°F) (and even up to 330°C (626°F) with an oxidation barrier) without delamination, even in harsh vibration conditions. - We have excellent experience with multiple thermal shocks (room temp. to 300°C) without degradation of the copper adhesion. Contact us for more detailed information.

What adhesive system is used in XRL 2000 laminates?

Compolam XRL 2000 Laminates do not have an adhesive layer. This makes them more robust and thinner. Adhesives are typically the weakest layer in a metalized laminate.

What dimensions are available for XRL 2000?

The dimensions can be adjusted to your request. (*) Standard dimensions: Sheets : - 24" x 18" (610mm x 457mm) - 12" x 18" (305mm x 457mm) - 12" x 9" (305mm x 229mm) - A4 size (210mm x 297mm) Rolls: max 24" (610mm) wide (*) Note: Possible dimensions might be restricted by the available width of the raw materials and by the thickness or rigidity of the construction

Are the laminates available in rolls, tapes or sheets?

Our laminates can be available in rolls, tapes and/or panels