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CompoSTRIKE lightning protection tapes make Automated Fiber Placement EASY !

CompoSTRIKE lightning protection tapes make automated manufacturing processes for thermoplastic composite aerospace structures easy.

Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) and Automated Tape Laying (ATL) processes are preferred methods to produce complex 3D curved aerospace structures in an automated way. However, when it comes to placing the lightning strike protection layer (LPS), there are some hurdles that need to be overcome to make the process robust and reliable.

Koen Hollevoet worked on this topic since 2008. Based on his experience, Compolam has developed various constructions, using plain metal foil or expanded metal foil (mesh) and high-performance thermoplastics, to make the automated manufacturing process of thermoplastic composite structures easy, and to meet specific customer and process requirements

This presentation was presented at SAMPE 2020 - Amsterdam (virtual edition)

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