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Your Partner for Metallized Thermoplastic Materials

Compolam_XRL 2000 roll-copper clad PEEK.jpg

Compolam Laminates

Compolam has extensive expertise developing

durable and reliable metal-clad thermoplastic laminates

Compolam XRL 2000 - high temperature PCB - chemical resistant PCB - PEEK
CompoSTRIKE - LSP avionics - lightning strike protection composite airplane

Lightning Strike Protection

Compolam offers dedicated Lightning Strike Protection solutions for composite structures

StrikeTape lightning strike protection for wind turbines - LSP wind blade - Compolam - Com

We Are the Expert in Highly Durable Thermoplastic Laminates.
 Let Us Prove It to You

Image by Austin Distel

Contact Compolam For a Technical Discussion

Tell us your requirements so we can custom build you the laminate that fits your needs


Test and Evaluate Our

Laminate Materials

Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to supply small - medium - large volumes in sheets or in roll form


We Offer Application Engineering Support

Are you confused about what materials to use or how to process them? We'll help you with excellent technical support 

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